Guess Who’s Back… Back Again…

June 15th, 2017

Can I get a “HOLY SHIT!?!”?


It has been 4 – YES, FOUR – years since my last European solo trip, people.  And you know what is a wonderful thing? Password resets.  You know why?  Because I would probably have given up on this whole “travel blogging” thing (that I started FOUR FREAKIN’ YEARS AGO) if it weren’t for password reseting.  And you know what would be sad?  If Grandma Jean wasn’t able to read my travel blog while I was traveling because it’s her favorite thing – ever. (Hi Grandma. I love you. I promise I’ll be safe!)

Let me begin by saying I am VERY, VERY disappointed in myself.  I did not finish writing about my 2013 solo adventure – in fact, I didn’t even get close to finishing it!  I actually JUST published a post about Salzburg that has been sitting here in my drafts for at least 3 years. That is pathetic.  And as much as I’d like to tell myself I’m going to document every inch of this next trip… that would be a bold face, motha-fuckin’ lie because I get distracted… and then I don’t have wifi… and then I have a beer or two… and then I’m doing cart wheels down cobblestone streets at 3am… and then it all just goes to hell-in-a-hand basket! Ya know?


So, this time I’m just going to set myself up for success and say that I will write whenever my little travelin’ boots take a rest and I feel the need to blog.


With that said – I feel like blogging.  I’m sitting here in my room, glass of wine to my right, and a half-packed backpack to my left with 4 days of freedom before I take-off for Malaga, Spain.



*SIDE NOTE* Meet my new backpack/best friend for the summer – Nellie.  It will be Nellie’s first trip and she’s ready to see the world!  My last backpack, Scout, was a worthy companion… however, she unfortunately became the means in which bed bugs traveled back to California after a girls’ trip to France/Germany/Czech back in 2015. R.I.P Scout!

Can ya believe it?!  I am almost completely packed and ready to go DAYYYYZ ahead of schedule.  I’d have to say… I am impressed with how I’ve grown and matured as a traveler, a woman, and human being in general (this sentence is dripping with sarcasm in case you don’t know me and that sounded like I was speaking truth. I’m still a god damn mess.)

All jokes aside – this trip is actually going to be quite a bit different for me. I HAVE grown as a person and I’m 29 – I do 29-year-old lady things now – like the following:

  • I have established a career in the wonderful world of mindless reality television
  • I make my own Dentist Appointments
  • I pay my bottomless student loans (on time) EVERY month
  • I’m “cooking” things other than Marie Callendar’s Chicken Pot Pies
  • I look forward to Friday nights in my pajamas scrapbooking with Leslie-Knope-level enthusiasm.


Here’s a little summary – I’ll be doing a shorter stint this time around:

  • 4 Days in Malaga Spain
  • 10 Days in London/Surrounding Area
  • 3 Days in Liverpool
  • 3 Days in York
  • 3 Days in Glasgow
  • 5 Days in Edinburgh

And after all that warm beer and smooth Scotch drinking… these traveling boots will be flying to the East Coast to Road Trip with my adorably adorable boyfriend and to meet his adorably adorable family in Connecticut. I cannot wait!


(This is my Adorably-Adorable boyfriend being Adorably-Adorable with a somewhat cute pony on his travels earlier this year.)

So… who’s ready for another adventure?

giphy (1)


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