“Sopping Wet and Rancid, this one”

WARNING: UGLY TRUTHS AND DEPRESSING EVENTS BELOW I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to see the world - however, without sounding like the biggest entitled little brat that ever was - I want to talk about the ugly side of traveling for a minute. This is a bit of a rant, so bear... Continue Reading →


Guess Who’s Back… Back Again…

June 15th, 2017 Can I get a "HOLY SHIT!?!"? It has been 4 - YES, FOUR - years since my last European solo trip, people.  And you know what is a wonderful thing? Password resets.  You know why?  Because I would probably have given up on this whole "travel blogging" thing (that I started FOUR... Continue Reading →

Munich: Rainy Day Women #7

October 4, 2013 Not quite sure why I named this post the way I did, but it feels right. I suppose I can justify it because I was definitely a wet lady, in this rainy city for a number of days, and my favorite number is 7... and Bob Dylan never wrote a song called... Continue Reading →

Nuremburg: The Rally Grounds

Let me start this post with a little fact about myself. Part of the reason why I chose this section of the world to travel to for my first trip, was because I am fascinated with WWII and the rule of the Nazi Party. When Joey suggested we stop in Nuremburg for a few days... Continue Reading →

Mainz, Mainz Baby

September 18th, 2013 I am lagging SO hard on these posts, I have 3 cities I still need to write about and I have just arrived to Salzburg, the 4th city. SHEESH. Don't worry, this post is only about one, I will torture you with the rest soon enough. Mainz was never a city I... Continue Reading →

Cologne: The Land of Church and Money

September 6, 2013 Alright, where my religious and/or architecturally-involved peeps at?!? Raise your hands up to whatever God is yours and pray to visit Cologne, because there are a ridiculous amount of churches in this city. I am almost sure there must be one church per 10 people who live here (obviously, I am exaggerating... Continue Reading →

Amsterdam, Party time! Excellent!

September 4, 2013 Amsterdam. How do I explain my time in Amsterdam? Well, I guess I will start out with a disclaimer to avoid offending anyone: **There will be talk of the following: Marijuana, Mushrooms, Acid, Hookers, Prostitutes, the Red Light district, and many other things that may be considered "crude"** Now that does not... Continue Reading →

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